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The List has a unique job board. Because we recognise that there are thousands of Veterans leaving the Forces every year and because ex-Forces people are constantly moving around the job market we 'pull-in' jobs from right across the country and from all sectors in order to present those jobs in one place. And if there isn't a job that catches your eye then we provide a direct internet link to other job boards that might be able to help you. Those jobs which are particularly suited to ex-Forces tend to be listed under the Defence & Armed Forces sector on the job board or contain the keyword 'military' in the description. We list featured jobs on the homepage because those are the ones we are pushing at the time, but there are always hundreds of jobs on the job board.

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These jobs are potentially suitable for ex-forces job seekers

Job Title

  • 01/02
    Regional Director – Army Benevolent Fund
    West Midlands - Based out of Venning Bks, Donnington,

  • 29/01
    Royal Air Force - Military Expert Witness - Is this You?
    UK Wide
    £22,000 - £60,000

  • 25/01
    International Personal Staff Officer
    Middle East - Based Middle East with global travel

  • 18/01
    Former Mess, House, Wardroom or Residence Staff?
    London - Mayfair
    £45,000 - £55,000

  • 10/01
    Technical Production Operatives
    Avon - Bristol
    £28,000 - £35,000

  • 10/01
    Senior IT Technician
    Lancashire - Lancaster

  • 13/12
    Executive Officer – RACPD
    Wiltshire - Larkhill, Nr Salisbury,
    £42,000 - £45,000

  • 06/11
    Project Manager - Weapons Locating Radar
    - Farnborough or Fareham
    £58,000 - £75,000

The List provides a specialised service to ex-forces job seekers. A major part of that service is to work with other job boards and employers to identify employment opportunities for UK forces recruitment. The positions listed on the ex-forces job board reflect the wide range of opportunities open to those with ex forces talent.

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