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Networking and Recruitment Service

The List is the only job-seeking and business network providing for the serving and Veteran UK Forces community and their personal employment and business needs in the global workplace.  With an established brand of 25 years, the cornerstone to The List is a networking membership organisation of many thousands of Members (all Veterans) who join for the remainder of their employed life.

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Featured Jobs

Job Title

  • 01/03
    Chief of Staff

  • 23/02
    Pension Adviser – Forces Pension Society

  • 15/02
    Amazon - UK Consumer Military Internship Program
    London - London or Manchester

  • 15/02
    Commercial Trainer/Learning & Development Consultant
    Oxfordshire - Harwell, Nr Didcot
    £38,000 - £42,000

  • 04/02
    Chief Executive - ABF The Soldiers' Charity

  • 04/02
    Overseas Security Advisor - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
    London - Based London

  • 03/02
    Intelligence Analyst
    West Midlands

  • 15/01
    Secretary Army Tennis - Army Sport Control Board
    Hampshire - Aldershot

  • 15/01
    Secretary Army Hockey - Army Sport Control Board
    Hampshire - Aldershot

  • 17/11
    Electronic Warfare Team
    Surrey - Aldershot

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The List - The Services' Business Network

Ex-Forces Job Searching, Networking, Recruiting & Employing: a unique membership organisation which delivers outcomes and solutions.

Fifteen thousand people, of all ranks from all the Services, leave UK Defence every year; 40% of them under the age of 25 with at least 40 years of employment in front of them.  80% of the annual outflow of Service Leavers is under age 40.   All have passed through selection, initial training and then developed a vast range of skills, trades, competencies, professions and qualifications embracing every facet of the delivery of the UK’s Defence capability.  It is this talent that joins The List, initially as job seekers, and then remain ‘on board’ as in-business Members furthering their own personal and business needs for the remainder of their employed life.  This infinite network enables The List to reach into every sector of the UK economy, and overseas markets, to find the talent that employers seek; talent that has grounding in Defence but is continually being ‘topped-up’ by experience, progression and success in other sectors.  And because of the relative ease with which The List can source this talent, the recruitment offerings are immeasurably abated compared with those normally found in recruitment and HR sectors. 

This network and the connection to over a million people is the USP of The List; no other organisation is able to offer such penetration of the ex-forces Veteran community.  Other suppliers, professional intermediaries and recruitment agencies use The List themselves to source, and deliver, ex-forces talent to their clients – arguably more costly to employers if they were not to engage with The List direct.  Formerly The List was, for many years, the recruiting partner of the Defence Manufacturers Association and, more latterly, its successor the Aerospace, Defence and Security industries trade association (ADS) thus delivering competitive advantage to some 2,600 member companies; The List still honours a beneficial fee commitment to ADS members.   

The List is not a “recruitment agency” along traditional lines, but rather a unique business organisation that is geared up to deliver real value added solutions direct to In-Business Members through the network and to non-Member clients who seek to engage ex-Service human talent.  

This human talent is special because they:

  • Can think, plan, manage & lead at all levels
  • Delegate with trust & confidence
  • Create mutual trust
  • Inspire, empower & motivate
  • Develop potential in people & teams
  • Develop loyalty, integrity & honour
  • Readily assume responsibility & accountability
  • Develop team-working
  • Look for challenges
  • Prioritise & direct work
  • Are personally motivated & driven
  • Are people centric
  • Are responsive, adaptable, & approachable
  • Turn vision into success
  • Create winning cultures & team
  • Listen & seek advice/guidance
  • Willingly work overseas
  • Communicate

Staffed by ex-UK military people, The List serves the immediate personal employment needs of the jobseeker as they leave the UK Armed Forces, and thereafter empowers Members seeking further advancement and change in the job market. The List enables extensive business to business (B2B), employment and recruitment opportunities serving the needs of employers and recruiters in every sector of the economy. Our recruitment offerings to employers make our solutions highly attractive, competitive and effective.

Through its network The List creates personal recruitment, employment and business opportunities for the remainder of your employed life.

The List's network reaches out to over 1 million ex-UK Forces connected people in the global workplace. It is a gateway to employment for ex-UK Forces people and the virtual ‘hub’ for anyone who wants to connect and network with such talent. It affords individual and corporate Members the opportunity for virtual networking and monthly face-to-face business development and job-seeking meetings through The Liquid List.

The List is a warm, tribal, network which builds on the Service ethos of team-work, selflessness in helping others, trust, reliability and commitment. And it is these very same attitudes and behaviours that set ex-Forces people apart and those which employers and businesses seek.

The unique recruitment opportunities and offerings to employers make our services and solutions highly attractive and competitive in the business market place.  Although our focus is on ex-military talent we are equally adept at researching, targeting, approaching, and presenting talent without a military background.  

Corporate List Membership: Whilst The List is a membership organisation made up of individuals it offers Corporate Membership to employers to enable them to derive significant financial benefit and abatements, additional advertising and marketing and direct access to the network along with a presence in the ex-Service community.  Corporate Membership allows The List to be in “the Members mind” and thus be proactive and equally reactive to additional requirements right across that Members business.  See details under Recruiting & Employing.   

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