Networking for Ex-Forces Job Seekers, Businesses and Recruiters.

The Liquid List - Currently Suspended.

(Update wef 15/7/2023:  Re-kindling The Liquid List is always on our mind but until we get a good feel for the numbers returning to offices to work (as opposed to WFH)  and to travel, it will be a difficult call.  Of course add to that, the fact that much more is now being done online and the rather testing economic situation are all factors to consider.

Additionally, the National Liberal Club priced themselves out of the market for London (albeit just before Covid lockdown) so we are now having to talk to other potential hospitality venues and they have not been willing to commit until they themselves have established their post-Covid protocols and, of course, are also seeking to make up for lost income too. 

Realistically, now that we are into the summer, we believe are talking about not before the Autumn now.  We were thinking earlier but the latest variant caused us to pause because we desperately want to avoid starting it off again only to find that we are forced to pull plugs after one meeting.

When we do decide to start them again we will make sure we publicise the fact widely.)

The Liquid List is the monthly event of The List which is held in different locations.  It enables business development, job search advice, employment and recruitment networking with people who are, or have been, in the Armed Forces and want to help others. Through these monthly meetings, The List enables prospective new Members, existing Members and those employers - who particularly recognise the value of the human talent associated with the Services - to get together to network.

If, as an ex-Forces job seeker, you do not create your own leads and merely rely on responding to job adverts you are halving your chances of finding a job: The List network is genuinely unique – it creates the conditions for you to make that warm call or contact employers and recruiters direct. The Liquid List takes this one stage further and puts you in a room with employers and recruiters to have face to face discussions.


London: Suspended.

Salisbury: With effect May 2019, we now offer an alternative advice and guidance approach in Salisbury.  Please contact The List for guidance.  


  • All former ranks are encouraged to attend.  
  • While the Guest Speakers may focus on a particular sector many other In Business attendees will be there to answer questions across employment sectors.
  • Be you a Job Seeker or employed, with a wish to give something back to the ‘system’, you will always be welcome.
  • There is no need to be a List Member or to book in advance; just turn up. The List holds an 'open house' policy for its networking meetings, as such there is no need to register and no requirement to be on an 'attendance list' though it is in your interest to be recorded as having attended. Entrance is free.


Business smart or business informal/casual - remember you are seeking to create a favourable first impression. You will require an open mind, business cards (if you have them) and your wallet for a couple of drinks.

Opportunities for Employers and Professional Intermediaries

Employers and professional intermediaries (the recruitment world) are actively encouraged to attend The Liquid List to meet and network with members. Becoming a Corporate List Member affords employers the additional opportunity to sponsor, advertise and make formal presentations at Liquid List venues. (Should a Corporate List Member recruit ex-Service people direct from a Liquid List, no introduction fee is payable).

New Venues

We are very keen to expand the Liquid List meetings to other cities and venues throughout UK; if you are interested and willing to assist with this expansion and/or would be prepared to host a regular meeting please call The List. 

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