Advertising Payment

This feature allows you to pay for items which have already been discussed and agreed with The List.
YOU MUST NOT ATTEMPT TO PAY HERE AND THEN UPLOAD A VACANCY. If you wish to upload a vacancy and then pay by card, or be invoiced, please go through the Add a Vacancy tab/process on the homepage.

Item Quantity Price
Job Listing
(£50 +VAT) £0.00
Mailshot Only
I am not a List Member (£350 +VAT) £0.00
I am a List member or have been granted The List rate by a member of The List staff (£250 +VAT) £0.00
VAT £0.00
Total £0.00
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The quick and easy way for a new Member to create a List account, or for an existing Member to upload an up-to-date CV into your account.

Are you a serving or former member of the UK Armed Forces?


CVs can be uploaded with .doc, .docx or .rtf extensions. PDF files cannot be accepted on the system.

For new Members, the CV will be used to create an initial account which, once verified, will create a link to enable you to register and complete a full List account; you will not be able to apply for a job, or network, until you have done so.

For existing Members, provided the e-mail address you use above corresponds to that already recorded in your account, the new CV will be added to your account.

Additionally uploading a CV will be taken as your agreement to our data management policy and terms.