Publications & Links - Articles and Content of Interest to List Members


Chief of the General Staff General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith shares his personal leadership philosophy:  Click here

Pathfinder Magazine:  Click here

Forces Net:  Click here

A list of accounts which could be of interest to get a wider and more informed perspective on UK defence matters: Click here

Former Armed Forces personnel will be able to identify themselves as veterans in the next Census: Click here   

Links to the official websites of the Services.


The Royal Navy & Royal Marines:

Government website: Click here


 The Army:

Government website: Click here

In Front - Army Newsletter: Click here

In Front - Latest Army Newsletter (.pdf): Click here

Soldier Magazine: Click here


The Royal Air Force: 

Government website: Click here


Official Guidance and Information for Veterans:


Veterans Railcard: Click here

Veterans ID Card:  Click here

Armed Forces Pension Society: Click here

Our intent is to provide a diverse range of CV advice and guidance information in a discrete CV guidance area here.

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